Practice Areas

Our Expertise

Mr. Butscher’s office has over 20 years experience representing clients across the state of Texas. Today, Jason attempts to limit his practice to Grayson, Collin, Fannin, Cooke, and Dallas counties. Deeply committed to his clients, Mr. Butscher remains up to date in all changes and developments in all criminal, family, and business law matters. Dedicated to the practice of law and serving his clients, Mr. Butscher is an impassioned advocate for those he represents and this commitment will serve you well in any legal matters you face.


Business Law

Mr. Butscher has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts, handling employment disputes, and litigating for those he represents. His years of drafting and negotiating contracts on behalf of his clients has provided essential insight to effectively draft agreements and avoid potential pitfalls and future litigation.


He represents multi-million dollar corporations in state and federal courts in Texas and clients in other states with the assistance of local counsel in those jurisdictions. Jason has the skill and experience to represent you in any of your business endeavors.


Family Law

Mr. Butscher has over 20 years of hands-on experience devoted to all aspects of family law including divorce, child custody matters, child support disputes, property division cases, premarital agreements, paternity cases, termination cases, adoption cases and more.


Mr. Butscher recognizes that far too often family law matters represent the most contentious and emotional cases in the judicial system. This unfortunate reality places a premium on experience and empathy and require an ability to actively listen to clients. Jason has developed these skills and consciously seeks to utilize them in all family and domestic cases.


If you are going through a divorce or dealing with a child custody issue, it is of paramount importance you select the right advocate who can empathize with your situation and remain a zealous advocate on your behalf.


Appellate Law

Mr. Butscher has over 20 years experience in criminal, family and civil appellate matters. He has served as lead counsel in both federal and state matters and prosecuted approximately 150 appeals.  His extensive appellate experience has led him to appear in appellate courts from El Paso to Texarkana, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Eastland, Waco, Ft. Worth and Austin. Mr. Butscher has experience in almost every appellate court in the great state of Texas.


One of Mr. Butscher’s most notable and fulfilling accomplishments is earning the respect of his peers and colleagues. He routinely receives referrals to handle appellate matters for other lawyers and their clients and after many years has become the “go-to” lawyer for appellate and legal questions. It took many years of dedication and hard work to achieve this recognition from his peers and he is honored by this recognition.


Criminal Law

Mr. Butscher cut his teeth in the criminal arena. During the first decade of his career, he tried everything from a traffic ticket to capital murder cases. He has been chosen to speak at CLE conferences on topics ranging from affirmative defenses, DWI, and sexual assaults. Mr. Butscher has maintained his appreciation for criminal law and learned a great deal about people, juries, and courts in the criminal arena. To this day, he purposely maintains an active criminal practice. Mr. Butscher’s practice began with a focus and devotion on criminal law matters and his commitment to this area of the law remains steadfast.


Jason understands how overwhelmed and confused you may feel being charged with a criminal offense. Mr. Butscher’s skill, experience, and knowledge are unmatched in assisting you or a loved one facing a criminal allegation.

Our Strength

Though 20 plus years of ongoing training and experience are formidable tools Mr. Butscher brings to the table, it is Jason’s passion, empathy and tenacity that make him the right choice. This unique combination and skill set can be put to work for you.


Mr. Butscher’s dedication to his practice and devotion to assisting others can assist you in all your legal matters.